Dog DNA Test Accuracy

Why You Should Read DNA Test Reviews

dog dna test accuracyDog DNA test accuracy has been questioned quite heavily in recent years. One can find any number of articles on the internet written by individuals, including vets, who have ordered tests from different companies and received wildly different results for the same dog. This is because the dog breed test was checked against a different database with different genetic markers being used to identify the breeds in the dog’s ancestry.

This shows up the primary reason why you should read DNA testing reviews before buying any canine breed test. Reviews will likely show up those tests that seem to be more or less accurate that their competitors. This will especially be true if the results on a certain dog indicate one breed as making up a major part of its genome, but the owner and vet do not see any outward markers for that breed.

One factor that all manufacturers seem to agree upon when it comes to the accuracy of their tests is that the accuracy is strongly affected by the number of different breeds making up a dog’s ancestry and how recently a pure strain was introduced. In other words, true mutts may be so mixed in ancestry that the tests might not be able to point to any single breed as being a major or dominant contributor.

Fortunately, tests have become more accurate over the last few years. As recently as 2009, many vets would not recommend these tests because their accuracy was so severely questioned. Even today, the results would likely not stand up in a court of law if a city tried to use them to enforce a ban on certain breeds such as pit bulls. However, manufacturers have continued to add to their databases since they first began marketing these tests in an effort to make them more accurate.

An in-depth review will likely show how many breeds are included in a particular company’s database. Those considering the purchase of these tests should certainly seek one that has the most extensive database from which to draw its results in order to assure the greatest accuracy.

Dog DNA tests come in different varieties as well. The most commonly requested are those designed to identify the different breeds whose DNA can be found in a mixed breed pet.

However, there are also tests to ensure that a particular animal is of purebred stock. With these tests, you must tell the laboratory the breed of the dog. They will check the DNA and let you know if it falls within accepted parameters for that breed.

The truth about dog DNA test accuracy – why you should read DNA test reviews is that only these reviews will reveal which tests are actually worth the money spent on them. While advances have been made across the board in this field, the fact remains that which tests you want to buy relies a lot on how accurate you want the results to be. You will want to assure that the test uses a broad enough database to include the breeds you think might be in your pet’s ancestry.